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Settlement Reached In Dispute Over Pollution From Stormwater Runoff In Ventura County

Posted on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 1:12pm

A settlement has been reached in a dispute over the environmental impacts of stormwater runoff from a Ventura County quarry.

The Environmental Defense Center, and Santa Barbara Channelkeeper had sued the Ojai Quarry, alleging it was violating federal, and state water quality requirements.

The groups claimed the quarry allowed polluted runoff to flow into key endangered steelhead habitat, and also impacted the ability of the fish to migrate upstream.

Under an agreement approved by a federal judge, the quarry will take steps to reduce erosion, and runoff.  The measures include increasing stormwater retention capacity; paving, and maintain roads in a way to control runoff; and suspending mining when it’s raining.

The 30 acre quarry, which is in the mountains north of Ojai, will also donate $60,000 in rock to steelhead habitat restoration projects in Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties.

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