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Court Hearing Set For Today On Controversial Pension Reform Proposal In Ventura County

Posted on Monday, August 4, 2014 12:04am

A hearing is scheduled to take place today on a legal challenge to a controversial proposed Ventura County employee pension reform initiative.

The proposal calls for switching newly hired county employees from a pension plan, to a 401k style system.

Backers contend over time, it will save the county hundreds of millions of dollars.  But, opponents contend the saving are overstated, and that the county would have a hard time hiring, and retaining employees because of what it contends would be an uncompetitive retirement plan.

A group supported by employee unions filed suit, charging that the measure conflicts with state law, and interferes with the county government’s ability to manage its affairs.

A Ventura County Superior Court judge is being asked to remove the measure from the November ballot.

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