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Popular Central Coast Beach Closed To Protect Nests Of Rare Birds

Posted on Monday, June 30, 2014 6:00am

A popular Central Coast beach has been closed for the rest of the summer, to protect the nests of some rare birds on the beach during their breeding season.

The Air Force has closed Surf Beach, which is normally open to civilian use but is part of Vandenberg Air Force Base.  The Snowy Plover nests on the beach this time of year.

There are restrictions in place to protect the plovers on Surf, Wall, and Minuteman beaches from March 1st though September 30th.

If there is more than a certain amount of violations of restrictions on each beach during the breeding period, it’s closed for the rest of the season.  Surf Beach had 11 violations of the nesting grounds last week, pushing it over the season limit of 50, and prompting its shutdown until September 30th.

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