Proposed Cable Television Company Sale Could Have Big Impacts On Central Coast

Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 2:47pm

A complex $45 billion dollar deal by one cable television giant to buy another could mean tens of thousands of homes, and businesses on the Central Coast will be served by a different company.

Comcast Corporation has reached a deal to buy Time-Warner Cable.

It would go from 22, to just under 30 million subscribers.

But, in order to get federal approval, Comcast will have to sell, or trade some of its systems so it won’t have a national monopoly on cable service.

So, Comcast has reached a $19.5 billion dealer to sell, or swap a number of local cable systems with Charter Communications, including the one which serves San Luis Obispo County.

Charter and Comcast would also swap about 1.6 million customers in Southern California, in a move which would allow each company to have more connecting service areas, to try to improve efficiency.

If the deals go through, Charter’s San Luis Obispo County customers could see the changeover in service to Comcast early next year.

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