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City Of Ventura Looking At Shifting Elections From Odd, To Even Years To Improve Turnout, And Save Money

Posted on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 2:18pm

The City of Ventura is going to ask voters to support a plan to potentially boost voter turnout for municipal elections.

The proposal voters will be asked to approve in November calls fro moving the city’s elections from odd, to even years, so they line up with bigger elections, where voter turnout is traditionally higher.

The proposal calls for extending the terms of current council members up for election to 2016, when the next election would be held.

The council also set up a committee to look at other charter reform issues.

But…it decided not to look at shifting the city from “at large”, to district elections.

The city is also planning to ask the Ventura School District to move its elections to even years, to add to the cost savings of consolidating elections.

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