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StoryCorps California

Posted on Thursday, February 27, 2014 11:31am

Throughout the Spring, KCLU will feature the stories of local residents captured during StoryCorps’ visit to Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.  These unique stories will be heard on Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Weekend Edition.

An archive of our local StoryCorps contributions can be found here.

Generations of Strong Women (2/25/14)

Port Hueneme Resident Jackie Robleto was joined in the StoryCorps booth by her mother, Jodi, to talk about the generations of strong women in their family.


A Sign From God (2/27/14)

Santa Barbarans Glen and Kimmie Deisler tell the unlikely story of the reconnection that led to their marriage–and the twist of fate that kept them together.


You’ve Got To Do Something (3/4)

Television host and restauranteur, Bobby Bognar, speaks with his father, Frank Bognar, about traveling across the country to start a new life and claim a piece of the California Gold Rush.


I Love My Life With You (3/6)

Gary White and Ron Alexander talk about the ups and downs of their 25 year relationship, including their “guerilla” wedding at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse clock tower.


I Was Raised With A Fear Culture (3/11)

Juana Tapia Zamudio attended high school and college as an undocumented student.  She rose to become Executive Director of Clergy and Laity United For Economic Justice.  She shares her experience with her friend, Tricia Keen, former Executive Director of The Social Justice Fund of Ventura County.


My Hope Is That Love Wins (3/13)

Ojai resident Lisa Snider became acquainted with Pastor Paul Bergmann when he urged calm following a gang murder.  Although she is an atheist, she attends Ojai Valley Community Church.  They discuss their thoughts on faith.

What’s So Great About Scott? (3/19)

Scott and  Brenda Rogers of Thousand Oaks explain to their kids, Evelyn and Jack, how they met and started a cross-country relationship before the age of Internet dating.


This Is What My Year Is Going To Be Like (3/26)

Ventura residents Moses Mora and Ana Becerra discuss Moses’ service in Vietnam as an 18 year old and their thoughts on war.


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