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Request For Temporary Gang Injuntion In Santa Barbara Denied

Posted on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 2:27pm

A judge rejected a request for a temporary injunction, and has set a May trial date for a controversial effort to get a gang injunction in the City of Santa Barbara.

The City sought the temporary injunction to get the measure in place as soon as possible, but a judge ruled that with the case dragging on for nearly three years, it makes more sense to go to trial.

The injunction would be similar to one that’s been in effect in Oxnard, which limits the ability of named gang members to gather, or take part in other specified gang related activities.  Police, and prosecutors say it would give them a new tool in dealing with an ongoing gang problem in the city.

However, it’s being challenged by some of those named, who contend they aren’t gang members.  Others fighting the proposed injunction contend it is in effect racial profiling.

The trial was moved from March, to May, after defense attorneys asked for more time to prepare for the case.

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