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Governor Signs Emergency Legislation To Help Deal With Coastal Erosion In Port Hueneme

Posted on Saturday, September 28, 2013 1:41pm

Governor Jerry Brown today signed two emergency pieces of legislation which could potentially supply up to two million dollars for emergency erosion control work in Port Hueneme.

The governor signed SB 436, authored by Democratic Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson of Santa Barbara, and AB 606, authored by Democratic Senator Das Williams of Santa Barbara.  Working with Republic Assemblyman Jeff Gorrell of Camarillo, and the governor’s office, the bills were pushed through the state legislature during the final days of its session.

Hueneme Beach has faced serious erosion problems, which have threatened sidewalks, and streets.  Federal funding issues meant that the Army Corps of Engineers has been unable to supply the area with the sand needed to compensate for erosion caused by the Port of Hueneme.  The problem was so acute this year, the erosion wiped out a section of the beach, and threatened a sidewalk and road before the City of Port Hueneme was allowed by the State Coastal Commission to make emergency repairs. 

The state funding is intended to pay for additional emergency repairs needed to protect the coastline through this fall, and winter.  Efforts are underway at the federal level to secure more ongoing funding for sand replacement.

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