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Disgruntled Customers Of Water Company In Ojai Overwhelmingly Support Bond Measure To Pursue Takeover

Posted on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 12:13am

Voters upset with a water company which serves the Ojai area overwhelming approved supporting a bond measure to try to buy, or take over the water system.

Measure V passed with a whopping 87% yes vote in a special election Tuesday.  It needed a two thirds yes vote to pass.

Some Ojai residents feel the Golden State Water Company is charging too much for service.  They went to the Casitas Municipal Water District, asking officials to look at buying out, or using eminent domain to take over the system.  District officials agreed to pursue the proposal, if the residents agreed to foot the cost of the effort, so the district or its customers wouldn’t end up picking up the tab.

With the bond measure passing, it sets the stage of the district to pursue providing water service for the community, by guaranteeing up to $60 million dollars in funding.

Golden State officials contend their water rates are fair, and say that because they are a business, they can’t offer subsidized rates like some municipal water districts which include tax funding.  The officials have told KCLU News they aren’t interested in selling the system, and will fight efforts to take it.

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