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Prosecutors Say There Is No Credible Evidence To Back Claim Student Was Battered By Teacher Who Is Also Oxnard’s Mayor

Posted on Thursday, August 15, 2013 4:58pm

Ventura County prosecutors say no charges will be filed against an Oxnard teacher who’s also the city’s mayor, after an investigation showed there was no credible evidence to support a claim the educator battered a student.

A Pacifica High School student alleged Tim Flynn grabbed her during an altercation.  Prosecutors say they found that the student had been disrupting the class.  They say Flynn told her to leave, and when she refused, he took her backpack outside.  As she followed, she tried to grab her backpack, and claims he pushed her hand aside to maintain control of it.  She told prosecutors it was just a tap.

Flynn said there was never any physical contact.  Other students say the teen threatened Flynn, and used profanity, and contradicted her version of what occurred.

The DA’s office says even if the teen’s story was true, it wouldn’t have been a crime.

Flynn has been a teacher for two decades, and after serving as a city councilman, was elected Oxnard’s Mayor last year.

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