Teacher Fired By Oxnard School District For Past in Adult Film Industry Continues Fight To Try To Get Job Back

Posted on Friday, February 22, 2013 2:58pm

A former teacher in Ventura County fired from her job as a result of her past involvement in the adult film industry is continuing to pursue efforts to get her job back.

The Oxnard School District fired Haydock Intermediate School science teacher Stacie Halas last year, after it came to light she had made adult films before working for the district.

Halas appealed the firing, saying she regretted her past, and had made the films out of financial desperation.

Her case was considered by the Commission on Professional Competence, and after a hearing, panel members ruled the firing was justified, saying Halas had initially lied to district officials about appearing in the movies.

Now, she’s appealing to Ventura County Superior Court, hoping a judge will overturn the commission ruling. Her attorney has noted that her abilities as a teacher have never been questioned, even by the district.

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