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Bobcat Believed To Be Responsible For Killing Three Dogs In Ventura County Captured

Posted on Thursday, October 25, 2012 12:02am

A bobcat believed to be responsible for killing three dogs in a Simi Valley neighborhood has been captured.

Two dogs were killed on 1900 block of Glentana Street Monday night, and one died on the 1700 block of Bluesage Court last night in apparent attacks by a bobcat. Simi Valley Police were called to the neighborhood just after 5 last night by reports of the third attack, and were able to spot the 60 to 70 pound cat.

They called State Fish and Game officers, who were able to tranquilize, and safely capture the bobcat. They will assess, and evaluate the animal to see if it can be relocated away from populated areas. Police say based on the similarities, and the close proximity of the attacks on the dogs, they think the same bobcat is responsible for all of the incidents.

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