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Oxnard Police Say Officers Mistook Jogger Who Was Fatally Wounded During Shootout As Suspect

Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2012 5:20pm

Oxnard Police are now saying that in the confusion of a shootout, some officers mistook a passing jogger for a suspect, and fired shots at the man who was ultimately fatally wounded.

The shootout happened last Saturday night, on the 100 block of North Garfield Avenue.

Police stopped a car believed to have three armed suspects inside.
Officers say two of the men ran from the car, firing shots as they tried to flee. One of them, Jose Zepeda, was fatally wounded by police, while a second suspect, Justin Villa, suffered a minor gunshot wound.

But, in a press release from Oxnard Police, they say Alfonso Limon, a jogger who just happened to be in the area, was initially mistaken to be a suspect, and was shot at by officers. Police then realized he wasn’t a suspect, and moved him to medical aid, but the 21 year old Oxnard man had been fatally wounded.

Nine Oxnard officers fired their weapons during the shootout, but it hasn’t been determined yet who fired the shot which killed Limon.

They’ve been placed on administrative leave, pending the results of multiple investigations into the incident. Police say they recovered two handguns used by the men in the car.

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