Coalition Of Groups Opposing New Chick-fil-A Restaurant in Santa Barbara, Andding Fuel To Controversy

Posted on Monday, August 13, 2012 4:32pm

A gay rights group, and some social justice organizations have weighed in on the Santa Barbara twist to the national controversy over a fast food chain president’s stance on same sex marriage.

The Santa Barbara Equality Project, the Pacific Pride Foundation, The Fund For Santa Barbara, and the groups Just Communities and Pueblo issued a joint statement opposing the new Chick-fil-A restaurant opening on Upper State Street.

The chain’s president created a storm of controversy through his verbal, and financial support for opponents of same sex marriage.

The issue became a hot one in Santa Barbara when the five members of the City’s Architectural Board of Review all abstained on the restaurant’s request to modify landscaping plans for its new local operation.

Some city officials blasted the board for failing to deal with the request, noting the board’s job was strictly to look at whether the plans fit with city guidelines, and not politicize the issue.

But, the coalition is defending the three board members who say they abstained to take a stand on the issue.

City officials bypassed the board, and approved the minor modifications. It’s unclear whether the city will just issue a warning to the board, or take further action.

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