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Small Oil Spill Reported From Oil Platform Off Santa Barbara County Coastline

Posted on Friday, June 22, 2012 4:59pm

A problem on an oil platform off the Santa Barbara County coastline led to a small oil spill today, off of Carpinteria,

The U.S. Coast Guard says the spill happened at Platform Houchin, sometime around six this morning. Coast Guard officials say an automatic system detected a leak related to a storage tank, and immediately shut down the system, limiting the spill.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Adam Eggers says cleanup crews recovered about a thousand gallons of crude oil, and oil contaminated water, and expect to complete cleanup operations by sunset.

The Coast Guard dispatched cleanup experts, and investigators to the scene, to work with cleanup teams. The owner is listed as Pacific Operators Offshore. More than a half dozen boats, and two helicopters were involved with the cleanup efforts
Eggers says the oil didn’t make it to shore, but as a precaution, teams were deployed along the coastline to look for possible patches of contamination.

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