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Algae In Nature Preserve Causing Major Stench On South Coast

Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2012 12:57am

It’s a periodic, stinky problem which occurs in Santa Barbara.

People who live near, or travel by the Andree Clark Bird Refuge need no notification it’s occurring, because you can smell it.

Algal bloom, and decay in the 29 acre bird sanctuary are creating a powerful stench. Santa Barbara officials say it’s been a periodic issue since the refuse was built in 1929, because of its poor water circulation.

The only fresh water which enters the waterway is from rain water, and urban runoff, so the high nutrient levels, and low oxygen levels set the stage for major algae issues.

The city is operating a small motorized skiff in the refuge to try to create some circulation. A five year vegetation management plan is also underway, and a study looking at long term options for improving water quality is planned.

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