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KCLU Documentary: Medical Marijuana and the Cannabis Controversy

Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2012 10:16am

KCLU Special Projects Reporter John North

In 1996,California became the first state in the nation to approve the use of medical marijuana. Today, the estimated number of medical marijuana patients in the state has grown to upwards of one million.

In the hour-long documentary Medical Marijuana and the Cannabis Controversy, KCLU Special Projects Reporter John North, speaks with doctors, researchers and patients–including a man who has received medical marijuana from the United States government for thirty years!   The documentary talks to Ventura and Santa Barbara County residents and officials involved in the debate, as well as some nationally recognized experts.

During the 16 years since California voters approved the Compassionate Use Act, 15 states and the District of Columbia have approved similar laws allowing the use of marijuana as medicine and 18 states have pending legislation. According to a Pew Research Poll 73-percent of Americans support medical marijuana.

However, the Federal government still classifies marijuana as a dangerous, illegal drug, with no therapeutic value, and compares it to Heroin, L-S-D and Ecstasy.

While patients hail the benefits of medical marijuana, opponents say it’s nothing more than an effort to obtain legalization of the drug.

Medical Marijuana and the Cannabis Controversy


Links to more information:

* University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research: www.cmcr.ucsd.edu.
* U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration: www.justice.gov/dea/marijuana_position.pdf.

* Cancer & Multiple Sclerosis Research – GW Pharmaceuticals (UK): www.gwpharm.com.

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