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City Of Simi Valley Moving Ahead With Ordinance Targeting Adult Film Production

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 10:10am

The Simi Valley City Council has given preliminary approval to an ordinance requiring adult film performers to use condoms while shooting in the city.

The ordinance is intended to discourage adult film makers from producing films in the city.  The City of Los Angeles adopted a condom requirement for adult film production to try to protect the performers.  Adult filmmakers are unhappy with the ordinance, calling it unnecessary because of regular sexually transmitted disease testing required by the industry, and they contend it will hamper filming.  Some companies have threatened to move production to less restrictive areas.

Simi Valley leaders took the threat seriously, and wanted to pass an ordinance like LA’s to discourage filmmakers from moving to the Ventura County community.  It’s expected the City Council will give final approval to the ordinance next month.

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