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Debate Over Use Of “In God We Trust” Motto Comes To Ventura County Community

Posted on Thursday, February 23, 2012 2:05pm

Should the phrase “In God We Trust” be displayed on a plaque at a municipal facility?

That’s the question the Camarillo City Council has been asked to consider by a city resident.

It’s been a controversial issue around the country, because of concerns by some it would violate the separation of church, and state.  About one in six of the state’s cities have approved use of the motto, while others have either said no, ort haven’t dealt with the issue.

Some City Council members say they’re okay with the idea, while others question why the city would get into an unnecessary controversy.  The Council decided to look at the issue further before making a decision, including how the motto would be posted if approved for use.

The City of Port Hueneme is the only one in the County which has approved putting the motto up at its city hall.

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