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Former Vice President Dick Cheney Talks About Career, Controversies During Visit To Ventura County

Posted on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 11:33pm

During a visit to Ventura County, former Vice President Dick Cheney defended post 9/11 Bush Administration policies  to use waterboarding, and other controversial interrogation techniques on suspected terrorists.

Cheney told a full house at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Tuesday night (9/20), in Simi Valley that he felt that the use of what’s been called “enhanced interrogation” was justified.  He said he’s convinced it saved lives, and that he wouldn’t hesisitate to take the same action again.

The former Vice President was also asked about assertions by some that he was the one really running the country, and not George W. Bush.  Cheney denied it, saying that he always stayed within his role as Vice PresIdent, but was fortunate to have been teamed with a President who valued his opinion, and included him in many key decisions.

Cheney also dodged a question from his daughter, Liz, whom served as moderator about which Republican presidential candidate he thinks is most like Ronald Reagan.  He laughed, saying he wouldn’t answer the question, because it would be seen as some as an endorsement of one of the candidates.

He and his daughter appeared at the Reagan Library as part of a national tour for his new book, co-authored by Liz, called ”In My Time.”

Click on link to listen to/download comments by Dick Cheney about the U.S. use of waterboarding:  Dick Cheney

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