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PPIC Poll Profiles Uninsured Californians

Posted on Thursday, August 4, 2011 10:42am

There’s a new profile of uninsured Californians who may be eligible for Medi-Cal in a few years. It shows they may be healthier than those currently in the program.

The study by the Public Policy Institute of California looks at the uninsured poor who are likely to be eligible for Medi-Cal in 2014 under the federal health care law. Helen Lee with the P-P-I-C helped write the report. She says the findings are encouraging for those concerned about the additional cost to the state.

“Overall it’s a relatively young population,” she said. “They’re not less healthy than those currently enrolled in Medi-Cal as part of the non-disabled population, but those who are younger and healthier may be less likely to need care and thus may be less likely to enroll.”

Lee says a major challenge will be getting both the healthy and the sick to enroll in order to spread the risk. When the federal changes take effect she says between one-point-seven and three million additional Californians will be eligible.

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