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Traffic School Loophole Closed

Posted on Thursday, July 28, 2011 2:08pm

A state law that took effect this month is intended to crack down on Californians who are abusing the traffic school system.

State law allows a driver to attend traffic school for certain violations once every 18 months in order to avoid points on his or her record. But in the past, once that citation was expunged, the courts and the D-M-V didn’t know when someone had attended traffic school. Now that’s changing.

The DMV’s Mike Marando said, “it closes a loophole if you will, where certain individuals were gaming the system and going to traffic school multiple times within an 18 month period of time.”

Under the new law, if you attend traffic school the ticket will be masked – not expunged. Marando says that means the D-M-V and the courts can still see it. However, he says the insurance companies won’t be able to, so insurance premiums shouldn’t be affected. But if you get a second or third ticket within 18 months, those wouldn’t be masked, so insurance issues would probably kick in.

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