D.M.V. License Renewals Arrive Late

Posted on Monday, July 11, 2011 9:19am

They’re coming a bit late, but the Department of Motor Vehicles is now sending out renewal notices for Californians whose car registrations expire this month. State budget politics caused the hold-up.

The D-M-V typically sends out the bills weeks in advance. But this year lawmakers asked the department to hold off while they tried to work out a budget deal that would extend a higher vehicle license fee. That fell through, and the fee went down a half-a-percent at the beginning of this month.

Mike Marando, with the D-M-V, said, “the department is working around the clock to get those notices out and our best advice to our customers is wait until you receive the renewal notice in the mail before you register.”

Even though fees went down, lawmakers also approved a separate 12- dollar fee increase. Marando says all 2.4 million July notices will be out within a week or so. And late fees will be waived for 30 days. If you get pulled over in the meantime, law enforcement agencies have been notified to disregard expired tags–for now.

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