California Dream Act Moves Forward

Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2011 7:13am

Some of California’s undocumented college students would be eligible for Cal Grants under legislation making its way through the Capitol.  The bill would allow undocumented students who qualify for in-state tuition to apply for Cal Grants and other state aid. It’s already passed the Assembly and has now been approved by a Senate committee.

Maria Luna is an undocumented student who attended Sacramento State and is now hoping to attend law school. She urged legislators to support the change, saying, “our status is not permanent – my status is not permanent. Opponents are not permanent, but education is. That’s something that I believe in and I ask that you believe in our potential as undocumented youth.”

The bill is part of a package known as the “California Dream Act.” A companion measure makes the same students eligible for private aid. Opponents argue the funding doesn’t make sense, since the students can’t be legally hired after graduation.

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