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Federal, State Agencies Sue Oil Company For Santa Barbara County Spills

Posted on Saturday, June 18, 2011 12:12am

The EPA, the State Department Of Fish And Game, and the State Regional Water Quality Control Board are going to court against Greka Oil & Gas over a series of onshore oil, and wastewater spills in Northern Santa Barbara County.  The suit cites violations of water quality guidelines, and alleges a lack of planning at 12 facilities to cope with spills.  As examples, it mentions 21 spills from the company’s facilities between 200 to 2010.

The suit seeks to force the company to have better plans in place to deal with potential future problems. 

According to the suit, the company has apparently changed its name as well, to HVI Cat Canyon Incorporated.

There’s been a dramatic drop in the number, and size of oil, and wastewater spills from Greka’s facilities in the last year, after Santa Barbara County took a number of steps to ramp up safety inspection, and spill enforcment efforts.

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