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Negotiations Continue Over Budget Framework

Posted on Thursday, June 9, 2011 6:48am

Democrats would get their chance to ask voters to extend tax increases. Republicans would achieve some policy goals they’ve wanted for years. But neither side will get anything unless two major sticking points are resolved in California budget talks.

Here’s what Governor Jerry Brown and a handful of Senate and Assembly Republicans have basically agreed on: a regulatory overhaul … and a special election on tax extensions, a spending cap and pension changes.

But there are still at least two significant areas of disagreement: One is whether to extend the taxes until a fall special election or let them expire at the end of this month.

GOP Senator Bob Huff said, “they not just want to have the voters decide – as the governor said he would let the people do on the tax increase – he now wants a naked tax, a bridge tax, for at least three months.”

Huff says the two sides also disagree on how many measures to place on the ballot. Democrats want a single package for voters to accept or reject in its entirety. Huff and his Republican colleagues want three separate measures.

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