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Detectives Say Ventura Burglary Ring Responsible For As Many As 500 Burglaries

Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 5:45pm

Ventura Police say they’ve arrested five men, and a teenager in connection with a burglary ring which they think may be responsible for 300, to 500 burglaries over the last three years. Detectives say the burglars would work in teams, hitting homes during the daytime.  They would knock on the front door, and if someone answered, they would pretend they made a mistake.  If no one answered, they would look for open, or unlocked doors or windows.  Last month, an alert midtown Ventura resident spotted a burglary in progress, and called police, who arrested three of the six suspects.  Some searches led to the additional arrests, and the discovery of stolen items ranging from guns, to flat screen TV’s.

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