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Vehicle License Renewal Notices Delayed

Posted on Thursday, May 5, 2011 5:30am

California drivers whose vehicle registrations are due in July or later won’t be paying their renewal fees on time this year. That’s because California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill Wednesday that instructs the D-M-V to hold off on sending out renewal notices.

The delay gives lawmakers time to work out a budget deal that would extend vehicle license fee increases that are scheduled to expire at the end of June. Republican Senator Bob Huff calls that a “gimmick.”

“They’ve been going through the gymnastics to be able to say, this is not a new tax,” Huff says.  ”We’re just extending existing taxes. So rather than be sending out these registration forms like they would normally be doing a couple months in advance, they’re kinda holding up because if they send them out now, they gotta send them at the old level, and they don’t want to do that.”

The measure also tells law enforcement not to issue citations for out-of-date registrations until two months after they expire.

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