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“Do Not Track” List Proposed

Posted on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 5:56am

You’ve probably heard of the “Do Not Call” list, which lets consumers make their phone numbers off-limits to telemarketers.  Now, a California lawmaker is pushing a “Do Not Track” bill to prevent advertisers from monitoring what you do online.  The bill faces its first committee test Tuesday.

It’s an “invasion of privacy” issue to State Senator Alan Lowenthal.  The Long Beach Democrat says his bill would allow any California computer user to opt-out of having their online activity and other personal information collected, used, stored or sold.

Lowenthal says, “I think people are realizing that their data has been tracked, where they go has been tracked.  They were not aware of this, or if they were aware of it, they believed that they had no control over this.  At least this will give them some control over how their data is to be used.”

Lowenthal’s bill would put the Attorney General’s office in charge of enforcing this mandate, and open violators to civil lawsuits.  Many web browsers already offer a “do not track” privacy tool, but some – notably Google – don’t.

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